Cophilosophy (abbr. Cophil, "co" from collective - collective, common) Cophilosophy is an independent life-philosophical concept. It thrives to study the very mechanisms behind the creation of new ideas and concepts (companies and products) that can change worldview systems, behavioral models and life processes in the world. Hence to work with the people and teams responsible for creating them. The concept originated in the process of a development of projects and co-creation by digital entrepreneurs in Krasnaya Polyana, Russia (Red Meadow).

We are aware that many people around the world possess life changing ideas that don’t find their way to light. Cophilosophy allows these ideas to meet, interact and emerge. Therefore making them globally efficient. On the principles of compatibility and “open mindedness”, people unite into collectives in order to see more, creating a state of lucidity we call “covision & cofeeling effect”. Provided that certain conditions are met, the collective creative-thought dynamics in cofilosophy allows to anticipate changes, to create ideas and concepts ahead of time.

Questions and tasks of co-philosophy

What drives the emergence of ideas and concepts (companies and products) that radically impact the established way of life within a society, what processes of life value guidelines and meanings?
How dependent is creative thought on ones environment?
What is the nature of collective, ideological thought processes?
What is the spiritual and mental nature of the development of communities capable of seeing and embodying ideas and concepts that change the usual ways of life and life processes?
What is a community that creates global ideas and concepts?
What are the mechanisms of materialization of ideas and the psychological nature of the formation of economic value?
How do ideas and concepts enter the minds of billions of people?

Evolution and Cophilosophy

We live in an era where IT brings people from all over the world as close as possible through accelerated communication and social networks. Yet in reality it has played a huge role in social isolation. the problem of individuality, isolated loneliness in the world is growing. Millennials are an extremely lonely generation according to various studies, and future generations should avoid this. Cophilosophy in some form, a rethinking of the evolutionary need for people to unite in groups for the survival and development of a species.

Cophilosophy fills spaces, people and projects with the meanings of unification and collective power. It unites people of the same value-semantic guidelines and views to jointly create ideas and concepts, companies and products that have the potential to change the world, to achieve high levels of collective thinking and joint eco-friendly living. In contrast to individuality, from the standpoint of cofilosophy, society and economy need a new formation for the transition to the next stage of joint development, such a formation is cofilosophy.
Consumption in the world is moving from personal to rational
Consumption in the world is moving from personal to rational, from an economy of sole ownership, the world is moving to a collective economy for the sake of saving the planet. In applied terms, the creation of ideas and concepts, companies and products capable of changing the world is the main practical focus of cophilosophy.

Psyche and communication in the concept of co-philosophy

The psyche, as a way of functioning of the soul and the mental types of people in communities, when interacting with each other, affects collective thought activity and determines one’s attitude to his or her environment. Cophilosophy studies the functioning of collectives, psycho types and the environment in interrelation with each other.

In the concept of cophilosophy, along with the genetic code that enshrines the predetermined gene programs in people, there is another system - psychocode, which carries psychosocial, educational experience.

In the paradigm of cophilosophy, people create teams that subject to certain psychosocial norms and values, environmental factors and are able to correct the picture of the world through the creation of global ideas and concepts (companies and products).

With the correct co-organization of teams and communities, the ideas and concepts born within them receive the collective energy of their creators. The cooperative experience introduces these ideas into the world to therefore spread on a large scale, changing the usual way of life and behavioral habits worldwide. Such ideas and concepts rely on correct organization of the collective thinking activity from “insights".

“Insight” in cophilosophy

For the emergence and development of insights that suddenly begin to resonate and form an integral working combination capable of re-imagining the life of the surrounding world (or its part), it is necessary that its elements are already in the psychocode, and the people themselves were in the correct co-environment. In order for the concept to be implemented in the future, its elements must be designed by the collective mind, taking into account the vision of the socio-cultural future, understanding of psychocodes, and the culture of societies. When people unite and act together, observing the laws of cophilosophy in the right environment, they can feel the “co mind and feeling effect " which gives birth to global innovations.

Management of the economy through the nature of ideas

The world is governed by ideas that people believe in; the economy is determined by the meanings embedded in it, and the cophilosophy underlying allows you to effectively create the very ideas and concepts that would improve the world. Cophilosophy, being able to influence material values, has become a vital entrepreneurial paradigm. It ensures the achievement of the best results through collective thought-creative activity. Therefore guarantees effective creation and dissemination of global ideas and concepts by uniting in teams to achieve the "comind & cofeeling effect".

Applied "co" -tools (co, from "collective")

Coworking, coliving, coeating
Cofeeling, covision, coaction, comind
Coknowledge, coview